We want to provide our readers with independent, honest and authentic tests and reviews, as well as enable them to form an informed opinion. While reviews are inherently subjective, we will do our best to research and present accurate, objective information where possible.

We buy most of our test drinks and accessories personally or they are provided to us by companies for testing. Whether a drink or item is purchased or provided makes no difference to us in our tests; it is the subjective opinion of the tester that counts.

There is no money for unmarked contributions of any companies. We consistently reject this. Advertising is marked.

Even invitations to events do not influence our opinion and do not ensure that we report positively.

Independent websites live on the trust of their readers and their own credibility. You can not put a price on something like that.

If you think that provided test equipment and event invitations influence our honest opinion, you are wrong. Items purchased from us personally do not get a better rating, but are rated the same as any other item.

Likewise, it is wrong to assume that we are running this site to get free samples or products.

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