About us

It was in 2007 when the first bottle of genuine single malt Whisky crossed our path. It was a meek Dalwhinnie 15 Year Old from the Scottish Highlands. In retrospect, a real stroke of luck, because we chose the bottle by chance from the supermarket shelf and we were fascinated.
A few drams later, we started researching how Whisky is actually made, what makes good Whisky, and in particular, we set out to find a Whisky bar near us to visit that same evening.

Who are we?

We are Marcel and Sascha, two whisky-loving friends. We started our journey through the world of Whisky 17 years ago. While our tasting notes now count several hundred entries, it is still a pleasure to taste a new bottle or even just a sample.

Since 2022, we have been writing our tasting notes here on WHISKY:EDITION. We want to identify the best Whiskys for you, but also for us, give impulses and report on interesting facts and background information about the water of life.

About Marcel

Marcel, born in 1987, primarily enjoys the light, but also the spicy single malts. Good blends and American bourbons are also among his favorite spirits.

About Sascha

Sascha, born in 1988, prefers peaty and sherry flavors, feeling at home in the Islay Whisky world in terms of taste.

Why are we writing?

Whether from Ireland, Scotland, Japan or Germany, whether standard bottling, distillers edition or independent bottling: Meanwhile, the variety of Whiskys has become infinitely large that it is difficult to keep track or even to find the entry.

We would like to share our years of experience and the many treasures we have discovered, because Whisky thrives on exchange, stories and experiences. When Whisky lovers come together, it is about company and community, about inspiration and about taking time and giving.

One appreciates the perfected craftsmanship while the other looks at the fascinating Spiritouse from a scientific point of view. A third loves to simply relax with a dram, and a fourth sees Whiskey as a cultural asset and collects exclusive rarities with character. Thus, Whisky is and remains the most versatile spirit in the world.

Whether a beginner or a connoisseur, a bourbon lover or a scotch collector - in the world of Whisk(e)y, everyone and anyone will find a place. That's why Whisky is our passion and why we write.

How do we write?

Our articles are always compiled according to journalistic principles. We are independent of manufacturers, distributors and brands. We write honestly and authentically and always taste our Whiskys ourselves.

We stand for transparency and profound research. For this we are on the road for you to find the perfect beginner Whiskys, the best connoisseur Whiskys and the rarest and most special pieces for your Whisky collection.

With what do we write?

Since we are often asked what hardware we use for photos, as well as development and maintenance of the blog, we have compiled a list for you:

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