Westheimer Bier-Whisky

Mellow, Sweet Fruity
The Wünnenberg Heritage Association takes care of preserving the history of the town of Wünnenberg. In the cellar of the small Fachwerkhaus, which the association calls its home, stands a small copper still. Every now and then, whisky is also distilled there. The nearby Westheimer Brewery supplies a small amount of their beer mash for this purpose. From this, the association produces its own house-made “Bier-Whisky”. Today we are tasting the bottling from 2023. According to the label, it's a genuine Single Barrel Malt with a Bordeaux Wood Finish, bottled at a wonderful 46% - so definitely not overly diluted. In conversation, they reveal to us its age: the whisky has spent 3 years maturing in wooden casks.
Westheimer Bier-Whisky
Westheimer Bier-Whisky (@whiskyedition)
Single Malt Whisky | No Age Statement | 46,00 % ABV. | 70,00 €/l | Heimatverein Wünnenberg e.V. Distillery | produced in Germany


The aroma is fruity but also herbaceous. We detect a herbal note. This harmonizes nicely with the fruity aromas of black cherries, red grapes, and dried plums. There's also a slight maltiness and a hidden hint of jerky.


The mouthfeel is creamy and spicy right away. Here we still strongly feel the distillery character - typical for such a young whisky. However, the aromas of the nose pleasantly continue on the palate. Herbal with a hint of red wine, rounded off by something unique that reminds us most of sandalwood.


The finish is medium-long with spicy oak. However, there is no trace of any ethanol sharpness or metallic note here either. Rounded and smooth, there is also a reminiscence of the raw spirit in the mouth later on.


You can't produce whisky in smaller quantities. The Wünnenberg Heritage Association produces a small gem here regionally and extremely sympathetically. Of course, this malt does not have the finesse and elegance of significantly longer-aged bottlings - but that cannot be the expectation. Despite this, a quite tasty whisky is produced here with a lot of craftsmanship. The very fair price is needed by the association to finance production and storage. If you're nearby, a visit to Wünnenberg is definitely worth a detour.

Rating: 65/100 - Good (Marcel: 65 | Sascha: 65)

Value for Money: 4/5 - Good

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