Roslagswhisky EKO Sherry Oloroso 2x30 2015-2022

Rich, Dried Fruits
Personally handed over by Richard Jansson, the whisky from the small distillery Norrtelje in Sweden was previously produced entirely organically. Organically grown barley from Östergötland is malted at Viking Malt in Halmstad. The unsmoked malt is mashed with yeast and water from the farm's own well and gently distilled in the distillery's copper pot stills. A sign of quality?
When we see that this whisky was aged for seven years in 30-litre ex-Oloroso casks, the question inevitably arises: Why is the content of the bottle golden yellow?
The question remains unanswered - perhaps also because everything is somehow not round, what we have here in the glass.
Roslagswhisky EKO Sherry Oloroso 2x30 2015-2022
Roslagswhisky EKO Sherry Oloroso 2x30 2015-2022 (@whiskyedition)
Single Malt Whisky | 7 Year Old | 46,30 % ABV. | 179,50 €/l | Norrtelje Brenneri AB Distillery | produced in Sweden | Whiskybase ID 158693


We smell juniper, apple, pear and an aroma we can't place. If we hadn't known it was a single malt, we would probably have guessed grappa or a fruit brandy. In general, it has to be said that the whisky doesn't smell much. We still detect a bit of freshly cut wood and a musty spiciness.


The whisky from Sweden is working in the mouth. At first like a wet towel, afterwards we taste significant wood glue. We also find the freshly cut wood from the nose again. Besides the alcoholic spiciness, subliminal sherry aromas come through after a while. Now and then, some fruity notes of apple and grape flash through.


The finish is very long and massive with intense red fruits and brown sugar.


The Roslagswhisky Eko No. 1 has more of a finish than a taste. In the meantime, we had the feeling that the small Swedish distillery was making us chew on a wooden board. Although the consumption of the spirit warms up the body properly, unfortunately the whole thing tastes more like a barrel than a well-composed single malt.
In principle, we like the idea of small bottlings from small distilleries, but something didn't fit here, unfortunately. The steep price is also far from good and evil. Very irritating.

Rating: 60/100 - Good (Marcel: 59 | Sascha: 61)

Value for Money: 2/5 - Bad

Preview Image Source: norrteljebrenneri
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