Rebels 0,0 Malt Blend

Delicate, Juicy, Oak, Vanilla
The Swiss from Freespirited have proclaimed the "Cheers Revolution" with their 0.0% Malt Blend, an initiative for alcohol-free alternatives to popular spirits, ideal for festive occasions when the desire for alcohol is lacking. This cutting-edge concept pursues absolute individual freedom in beverage selection. The noble aim of creating an alcohol-free option for "whisky-based long drinks" is intriguing, even though it's not a whisky but rather an innovative alternative with malt distillate.
Rebels 0,0 Malt Blend
Rebels 0,0 Malt Blend (@whiskyedition)
Malt Blend | No Age Statement | 0,00 % ABV. | 59,80 €/l | Freespirited Drinks AG Distillery | produced in Switzerland


The initial impression through the scent is overwhelming, though not necessarily in a pleasant way. A bold mix of perfumed cherries and artificial fruit caramel hits you. The aroma is more reminiscent of an artificial cocktail than a subtle spirit. A hint of spiced wine based on red fruits influences the senses, accompanied by distinct notes of cinnamon, orange, and a subtle hint of cloves.


On the palate, the immediate lack of viscosity is noticeable. Without any texture, it clearly feels like water. Here, the botanicals dominate—primarily orange and clove. There's an idea of caramel and a slight tingling spiciness on the palate.


The finish is minimal – what remains is a distinctly ginger-based sharpness.


In various variations – neat, as a whiskey sour, whiskey cola, and old fashioned – we tested Rebels 0.0%. Unfortunately, only in the combination with cola was a distant whiskey association noticeable, more in the style of a vanilla coke. Neat, the drink revealed an artificial nose and a sad taste. As an alternative for us, Rebels 0.0% did not convince. We clearly stick to alcohol-free wheat beer, pure cola, or simple water – not only taste-wise but also price-wise the better choice.
The designation "Double Distilled" with 0.12% malt distillate appears more as a marketing gimmick, as does the proud price. Unfortunately, the uniqueness of Rebels seems to manifest itself primarily in the wallet.
We prefer to spare ourselves a point-based rating 🙃.

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