Jack Daniel's Bonded

Delicate, Juicy, Oak, Vanilla
Bottled-in-Bond (BIB) is one of the legal regulations governing the production of American whiskey, alongside the designation 'straight.' To be labeled as BIB, the whiskey must have been distilled by a distillery within a single distilling season. Subsequently, it must have matured for at least 4 years in a bonded warehouse and be bottled at 100 Proof (50% ABV). Jack Daniel's has recently introduced a Bonded release that we are tasting today.
Jack Daniel's Bonded
Jack Daniel's Bonded (@whiskyedition)
Tennessee Whiskey | 4 Year Old | 50,00 % ABV. | 36,01 €/l | Jack Daniel's Distillery | produced in USA (Tennessee) | Whiskybase ID 215705


The aroma has a powerful start. Intense caramel and vanilla greet the nose, accompanied by the characteristic scent of bananas that's typical of Jack Daniel's. Additionally, a delightful combination of spiciness and refined sugar becomes apparent.


On the palate, the Tennessee Whiskey is initially typical of Jack Daniel's, but it's as if someone turned up the volume. A substantial dose of green banana comes through, which then transforms into a powerfully sweet combination of caramel and what we would best describe as Vanilla Coke. On the palate, we find a hint of spicy, charred oak.


The finish is medium-length with a really nice and spicy kick. We're still thinking about charred oak, and somewhere buried in there, we discover a few cloves.


We expected Jack Daniel's and that's precisely what we got. Even in the Bonded version, the brand's established identity remains intact. However, the entire flavor profile has been taken up a notch. This bottling clearly sets itself apart from the Old No. 7 and is quite enjoyable even when sipped neat.

Rating: 74/100 - Very Good (Marcel: 73 | Sascha: 75)

Value for Money: 4/5 - Good

Preview Image Source: The Whisky Exchange
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