GORFH Whiskey

Floral, Nutty, Hay Like
Go Out Ride Find Happiness (GORFH) – that's the name of the three-year-old whiskey aged in pre-filled 600-liter White Burgundy oak casks at the Distillery in Merdingen. After a triple distillation of the corn-barley-mash and refinement in small, new 20-liter casks, the water of life was bottled and adorned with a label featuring a stag with magnificent antlers drinking from a spring. We had the privilege of tasting the first bottling from the first cask – Bottle number 24 out of a total of 56.
GORFH Whiskey
GORFH Whiskey (@whiskyedition)
Whiskey | 3 Year Old | 43,50 % ABV. | 127,14 €/l | GORFH Merdingen Distillery | produced in Germany


First and foremost, a highly floral-perfumed scent greets us. The notes evoke rose water, elderflower, and curry herb. Alongside that, there's a substantial dose of vanilla and a hint of caramel. Rounded off with grainy aromas that unequivocally lean towards cereals, not in the direction of bread. Overall, the nose is pleasantly fresh and floral but not herbaceous.


The floral theme of the nose subsides somewhat. We still find a flowery, but now more citrusy note on the palate. Vanilla and the freshness of the cask's oak join the ensemble. The experience is overall soft and surprisingly rounded for its young age. GORFH leaves a truly delightful grainy spiciness on the palate. The mouthfeel tends towards the creamy side, but the texture is not yet fully matured.


We will describe the finish in one word: mild. GORFH doesn't linger for long. The subtle spiciness on the palate echoes briefly and then transitions to a dry mouthfeel. Considering its young age, a vast array of flavors shouldn't be anticipated here.


GORFH is genuinely impressive as a "first work." The Winery undoubtedly has remarkable casks in its cellars, which were skillfully utilized in this experiment. The nose is convincing and is particularly intriguing likely due to the wine cask. However, for this whiskey to fully win over the palate, a few more years are needed to showcase the interesting influences of the cask in its taste.

Rating: 74/100 - Very Good (Marcel: 72 | Sascha: 76)

Value for Money: 2/5 - Bad

Product for review provided free of charge by GORFH
Preview Image Source: Whisky:Edition
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