Glenlivet Distiller's Reserve

Mellow, Sweet Fruity
Glenlivet is globally renowned and enjoys massive popularity among both connoisseurs and beginners alike. In the distillery's lineup, there's a Travel Retail expression, which, one might aptly say, is likely targeted towards impulse buyers at airports. The Distiller's Reserve has matured without an age statement in three types of casks. Sherry and American Oak are familiar to us. However, the label doesn't disclose what exactly is meant by "Traditional Oak."
Glenlivet Distiller's Reserve
Glenlivet Distiller's Reserve
Single Malt Whisky | No Age Statement | 40,00 % ABV. | 49,90 €/l | Glenlivet Distillery | produced in Scotland (Speyside) | Whiskybase ID 136348
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On the nose, the Single Malt initially appears somewhat acidic. Overall, the aroma is very light with hints of green apple and vanilla. Behind that, we find subtle malt sweetness, a faint wine or sherry note, and something exotic that we would describe as rosewater.


The taste on the palate is clearly dominated by citrus fruits. Orange peel and grapefruit mingle with subtle vanilla and a noticeable oakiness. The underlying hint of sherry is also present but somewhat subdued behind the fruity notes.


The finish is short and rather subtle. We once again perceive hints of rose. Alongside that, there's a lingering oakiness on the tongue, accompanied by a touch of white pepper.


The Glenlivet Distiller's Reserve is exactly what we've come to expect from Travel Exclusives in the past. It's delicious but perhaps too generic for connoisseurs seeking something special. It's smooth and well-balanced, aiming not to offend at any point.

Rating: 73/100 - Very Good (Marcel: 72 | Sascha: 73)

Value for Money: 3/5 - Acceptable

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