Gilors 2014 Sherry Duett

Rich, Dried Fruits
The Gilors Sherry Duett from the Henrich distillery is a marriage of a PX sherry cask and an Oloroso sherry. After maturing for 7 years, it is bottled at 46.4% strength.
Gilors 2014 Sherry Duett
Gilors 2014 Sherry Duett (Preview Image Source: Whiskybase)
Single Malt Whisky | 7 Year Old | 46,40 % ABV. | 149,98 €/l | Henrich Distillery | produced in Germany | Whiskybase ID 184458


The German whisky reveals a tantalising aroma of a berry mix accompanied by the intensity of blackberries. A subtle note of gudeenuss mingles with the sweet hint of almonds and chocolate, while a pinch of clove adds a spicy complexity. The overall flavour is spicy-sweet.


Gilors unfolds on the tongue with a harmonious interplay of grape and spicy notes. A hint of leather and almonds gives the flavour a deep, rich dimension, while clove and star anise leave a pleasant warmth. The maltiness rounds off the flavour experience and ensures a balanced composition.


The finish is short but remarkably spicy, with a light pinch of pepper that gradually fades into a gentle sweetness.


The Gilors Sherry Duett from the Henrich distillery offers a multi-layered palette of flavours and a balanced character. We particularly like the well-defined berry flavour, which we rarely find elsewhere.

Rating: 75/100 - Very Good (Marcel: 75 | Sascha: 75)

Value for Money: 2/5 - Bad

Preview Image Source: Whiskybase

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