Tullibardine 8 Year Old 2015/2023 - Signatory Vintage

Rich, Dried Fruits
The 8 year old Tullibardine - # 2 in Signatory Vintage's 100 proof series - was distilled in 2015, bottled in winter 2023 and sold out within hours, as did the other 2 bottlings in the series. And rightly so?
At 57.1% ABV, the alcohol content of the bottlings corresponds exactly to the minimum level at which gunpowder soaked in alcohol ignites - or 100 British proof.
Tullibardine 8 Year Old 2015/2023 - Signatory Vintage
Tullibardine 8 Year Old 2015/2023 - Signatory Vintage (@whiskyedition)
Single Malt Whisky | 8 Year Old | 57,10 % ABV. | 64,14 €/l | Tullibardine Distillery | bottled by Signatory Vintage | produced in Scotland (Highlands) | Whiskybase ID 244683
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This single malt whisky from the Scottish Highlands opens with an earthy, crisp flavour, like a real sherry. The typical profile is played out here: Dark, red fruits, cereal maltiness, dark chocolate and a dash of oak spice. Very classic, very intense - the cask has really delivered here. However, the secondary notes of root vegetables such as beetroot and carrots are exciting.


The colour already shows what is to come. The flavour of the Tullibardine 8 year old is also really progressive. We taste dark fruits and a handful of blackberries in an equally earthy, powerful and full-bodied, oily flavour. We also encounter the maltiness from the nosing again here. The fruity-fresh distillery character comes through in some places, but is kept very small by the cask.


The Highlander has a slightly salty, yet fruity finish over a long period of time.


The Tullibardine 8 Years 2015/2023 bottled by Signatory Vintage in the 100 proof series plays the sherry cask in almost every noun. It is multi-layered, yet rough - you could almost think of a tornado of flavours. If you are looking for a prototypical sherry bomb - buy it now, especially for the price! But beware: this bottling comes with a sledgehammer and will certainly be too much and too intense for some.

Rating: 83/100 - Excellent (Marcel: 82 | Sascha: 83)

Value for Money: 5/5 - Very Good

Preview Image Source: Kirsch Import
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