The Westfalian Cask 181

Rich, Dried Fruits
Our friends at The Westfalian have consistently surprised and delighted us in the past. We've often discussed their fantastic approach to whisky: using local ingredients, distillery expertise, and an honest bottling of individual casks, which combines German whisky with a Scottish soul. Barrel 181 promises a lot right from the label: a roughly 7-year-old full maturation in a first-fill Ruby Port wine cask.
The Westfalian Cask 181
The Westfalian Cask 181 (@whiskyedition)
Single Malt Whisky | 7 Year Old | 58,00 % ABV. | 158,00 €/l | Northoff - The Westfalian Distillery | produced in Germany | Whiskybase ID 250309


Immediately upon nosing, we are overwhelmed. A wild mix of sweet frozen berries opens up. We discover a beautiful harmony of raisins, dates, and a slightly more exotic note of pineapple and banana. Spicy notes of tannins accompany them, rounded off by classic tones of vanilla and honey.


In the mouth, the oily feel and a slight dryness make themselves felt initially. On the tip of the tongue, we find a burst of fruity sweetness, evolving into creamy caramel, toffee, and somewhat grainy flavors of butter cookies. Giving this malt some time in the glass allows its taste to develop further. Additional fruit sweetness reminiscent of cherries and oranges emerges. A hint of light beechwood is found on the palate.


The finish is medium-length. We perceive a pleasant sweetness of intense red fruits, accompanied by the typical Westfalian character and a touch of oak wood.


The Westfalian TW181 is truly a sweet dessert bomb. Once again, a wonderful harmony of single malt with a very well-selected cask has been created here. This Westfalian has everything we love about the local Paderborn bottlings, packaged into an inspiring dessert. However, its aromatic profile is probably best enjoyed during the Christmas season.

Rating: 85/100 - Excellent (Marcel: 85 | Sascha: 84)

Value for Money: 4/5 - Good

Product for review provided free of charge by The Westfalian
Preview Image Source: The Westfalian
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