The Westfalian Cask 57

Peaty, Leathery
It's hard to believe, but at 8 years old, this single cask single malt whisky from cask 57 is currently one of the older bottlings from Paderborn. Once again, we are excited to see what has been conjured up in our glass.
The Westfalian Cask 57
The Westfalian Cask 57 (Preview Image Source: Whiskybase)
Single Malt Whisky | 8 Year Old | 53,90 % ABV. | 159,80 €/l | Northoff - The Westfalian Distillery | produced in Germany | Whiskybase ID 181862


A hint of BBQ and the scent of a charred barbecue grill awaken our senses and remind us of summer barbecues. Earthy nuances lend the bouquet a down-to-earth depth, while the gentle hint of an outgoing fireplace adds a nostalgic note. Sweet hints of ripe plums and the tantalising aroma of dates wrapped in bacon round off the olfactory experience.


The first sip reveals a creamy texture that caresses the palate. Cold smoke and ash meet meaty notes reminiscent of a savoury BBQ sauce. The deep, dark chocolate combines harmoniously with a hint of burnt caramel, while the ultra-earthy notes lend an unmistakable depth. Surprising nuances of smoked ham, burnt fairground mushrooms and the aroma of leather and rosemary contribute to a fascinating flavour experience.


The finish is long and astringent, with a subtle tart note of Amarena cherries unfolding. Black pepper and a subtle oak presence round off the finish, which ends with a pleasant dryness and a hint of spice.


The Westfalian Cask 57 is undoubtedly an outstanding whisky that impresses with its complexity and multilayerness. Its unique character and unconventional flavours make it an exciting and challenging experience. An absolute must for lovers of high-quality and exceptional whiskies.

Rating: 84/100 - Excellent (Marcel: 81 | Sascha: 86)

Value for Money: 3/5 - Acceptable

Product for review provided free of charge by The Westfalian
Preview Image Source: Whiskybase
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