Talisker Surge

Spicy, Maritime, Costal
In 2022 Talisker added a travel exclusive called Surge to its core range of bottlings. This malt is only available at airport duty free shops. Let's see how this Talisker, matured exclusively in ex-bourbon casks with no age statement, fares.
Talisker Surge
Talisker Surge (Preview Image Source: simple-sample.de)
Single Malt Whisky | No Age Statement | 45,80 % ABV. | 98,43 €/l | Talisker Distillery | produced in (Isle of Skye) | Whiskybase ID 215093


At first, we are greeted by a pleasant smoke. However, there is a sweet note that reminds us of roasted pine nuts. All in all, the peat smoke for which Talisker is renowned is much softer than in other bottlings. There is also clear vanilla, rounded off by the sweet and strong smell of freshly toasted crème brûlée.


The taste is mildly sweet at first, like a breakfast bun with butter. Behind this are fruity aromas of apple, pear and a little honey. The aroma quickly fades and gives way to a less complex maltiness.


The finish has the famous Talisker pepper note and a slight maritime saltiness. We feel transported to a campfire on a rocky coastal beach. Compared to the Talisker bottlings we know, however, it is rather dull and not particularly long-lasting.


Talisker Surge is less full-bodied than you might expect from the distillery. The malt seems a little weak on the chest and cannot hold a candle to the classic Talisker 10. In direct comparison, it appears dull and polished. Although quite tasty, it is difficult to justify the high price.

Rating: 73/100 - Very Good (Marcel: 76 | Sascha: 70)

Value for Money: 1/5 - Very bad

Preview Image Source: simple-sample.de
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