Longrow Peated (2021)

Spicy, Maritime, Costal
We have chosen the Longrow Peated from 2021, a smoky variant from Springbank in Campbeltown. This bottling promises a robust and characterful experience.
Longrow Peated (2021)
Longrow Peated (2021)
Single Malt Whisky | No Age Statement | 46,00 % ABV. | 68,28 €/l | Springbank Distillery | produced in Scotland (Campbeltown) | Whiskybase ID 193166
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At first sniff, the nose is enveloped by a wealth of flavours. An earthy and peaty aroma wafts across, like a hint of a campfire on the beach. This is joined by mineral nuances that lend depth to the bouquet. Light phenolic notes dance with a hint of salt, accompanied by subtle hints of seaweed and kelp. A sweet note of vanilla sugar and a hint of pineapple provide a pleasant sweetness, while a light floral note resonates in the background.


The flavour of Longrow Peated reveals a harmonious combination of smoky and sweet notes. The strong peat smoke is present, but well balanced by a pleasant sweetness of sugar and honey. Surprising textures of chalk and aseptic paper add an interesting complexity to the flavour, while fruity elements of peach and salty hints of seaweed round off the profile.


The finish is long-lasting and impressive. A maritime saltiness lingers, paired with a hint of oak and an intense smoke that caresses the palate.


The Longrow Peated does exactly what it should. A great smoke profile is presented, while relatively straight forward sweetness, salty and sour notes characterise an exciting overall picture. A NAS whisky at this price with this profile - everything is right.

Rating: 77/100 - Very Good (Marcel: 75 | Sascha: 78)

Value for Money: 4/5 - Good

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