Eagle Rare 10 Year Old

Mellow, Sweet Fruity
Winner of several awards, the Eagle Rare 10 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon from the Buffalo Trace distillery is a good candidate for the home bar.
The whiskey, matured in fresh oak barrels, comes in a heavy glass bottle with a hidden age statement on the back.
Eagle Rare 10 Year Old
Eagle Rare 10 Year Old (Preview Image Source: The Whisky Exchange)
Kentucky Straight Bourbon | 10 Year Old | 43,00 % ABV. | 54,14 €/l | Buffalo Trace Distillery | produced in USA (Kentucky)


Touch-up pencil, solvent, ink killer. The usual bourbon openers of popcorn and vanilla are missing at first. After the nose has processed the aromas, we notice more salty oak at the top. It reminds us of a barrel warehouse with empty barrels. Later, the sweet bourbon aromas also come through. Pleasant and nicely intense for a bourbon.


A full intense mouthfeel. Very strong and a little tart. The difference to European white oak, however, becomes clear in the lack of spiciness. Vanilla and sweet-tart honey resonate.


Slightly spicy-buttery, the short finish reminds us of white bread with butter.


We discovered a lot of unusual and untypical things for a bourbon in the Eagle Rare. Perhaps that is precisely what is so exciting? At a price of less than 40 euros, you can easily keep a bottle of this in your home bar, but not as a representative of the typical bourbon - it is too atypical for that.

75/100 - Very Good
(Marcel: 75 | Sascha: 75)

Value for Money: Very Good

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