Blair Athol 9 Year Old 2014/2023 - Signatory Vintage

Rich, Dried Fruits
The 9-year-old Blair Athol - number 3 in Signatory Vintage's 100 proof series - was distilled in 20214 and bottled in winter 2023 and sold out within a few hours, just like the other two bottlings in the series. And rightly so?
At 57.1% ABV, the alcohol content of the bottlings corresponds exactly to the minimum level at which gunpowder soaked in alcohol ignites - or 100 British proof.
Blair Athol 9 Year Old 2014/2023 - Signatory Vintage
Blair Athol 9 Year Old 2014/2023 - Signatory Vintage (Preview Image Source: Kirsch Import)
Single Malt Whisky | 9 Year Old | 57,10 % ABV. | 64,28 €/l | Blair Athol Distillery | bottled by Signatory Vintage | produced in Scotland (Highlands) | Whiskybase ID 244665


Wow. That's exciting. Cough syrup, eucalyptus and Ricola Swiss herbal sweets are the dominant aromas on the nose, followed by coffee, leather and blackcurrant. If that wasn't enough, we also smell a good portion of liquorice. All extremely intense.


Clearly 99.9% dark chocolate paired with freshly ground coffee, tobacco (almost ashy) and rubber. The herbal and cough syrupy notes are also present in the flavour. On the fruity side, we taste a few plums. The whole flavour is overwhelming (both positively and negatively), intense, dry and extremely full-bodied.


The long, smooth finish is characterised by tobacco, pepper, leather and burnt oak.


The judgement is clearly "overpowered". The Blair Athol is literally run over by the casks here. The colour and aromas are dark, almost sinister and really intense. Instead of the usual sherry fruits, chocolate, leather and musty notes take over here.
Signatory Vintage has bottled something here that you really have to be in the mood for. We can't imagine a bottle of this being emptied in a relaxed evening with friends. This single malt whisky is clearly not suitable for inexperienced guests.

Rating: 79/100 - Very Good (Marcel: 79 | Sascha: 79)

Value for Money: 5/5 - Very Good

Preview Image Source: Kirsch Import
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