Ben Bracken Speyside

Mellow, Sweet Fruity
The discounter LIDL has several single malts in its range, including the Ben Bracken Speyside, which is described as light and fruity. We took a closer look at the whisky.
Ben Bracken Speyside
Ben Bracken Speyside (Image Source: The Whisky Exchange)


LIDL does not reveal which distillery is behind Ben Bracken. All we know is that we have a whisky from the Scottish Speyside at a bargain price in our glass. The packaging is dark red, which distinguishes it from the other whiskies in the series. There is also a Highland peated, a Highland unpeated and an Islay Scotch.


The Speysider opens remarkably voluminous, smelling of beeswax candles, pear and apple and especially without strong alcoholic sharpness. In the background a maltiness and dried straw. The smell reminds a little of hay bales.


The beeswax also continues in the taste. At the same time creamy and syrupy, but still tasting of mealy apples, the aromas fan out further. In the background, hay again and, with a little imagination, a ripe banana.


An indefinable and unfortunately disgusting note in the finish ruins the medium-long and otherwise nut-cake tasting finish.


Surprisingly drinkable, but unfortunately completely destroyed by the finish. We suspect that this is a slightly older bottling that exceeds the minimum age of 3 years. However, the aromas could be much stronger.
You can try it, but you don't have to.

59/100 - Average
(Marcel: 59 | Sascha: 59)

Value for Money: Good

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