Ben Bracken Highland Peated

Mellow, Sweet Fruity
The discounter LIDL has several single malts in its range, including the Ben Bracken Highland Peated, which is described as powerful and intense. We took a closer look at the whisky.
Ben Bracken Highland Peated
Ben Bracken Highland Peated (Image Source: Whiskybase)


LIDL does not reveal which distillery is behind Ben Bracken. All we know is that we have a whisky from the Highlands at a bargain price in our glass. The packaging is brown, which distinguishes it from the other whiskies in the series. There is also a Highland whisky, an Islay Scotch and a bottling from Speyside.


Peated and smoky are hardly found here. Earthy and maritime-salty aromas are present. Apple, vanilla and caramel resonate, but are rather weak.


This scotch tastes extraordinarily thin and sweet. You have to search again to find the promised peat-smoke. We detect a maritime saltiness and a slightly peppery aroma. All in all, not unpleasant.


A trace of smoke and maritime saltiness lingers for a medium length.


One could think of a mix of Takisker and Bowmore. However, the intensity, the smoke and the concise, powerful flavour explosions are clearly missing.
Assuming we were buying this Single Malt to drink a heated whisky, we would feel cheated. Since we are in the low-budget range, this bottling is actually fine.

61/100 - Good
(Marcel: 60 | Sascha: 62)

Value for Money: Good

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