Ben Bracken Highland

Mellow, Sweet Fruity
The discounter LIDL has some single malts in its range, including the Ben Bracken Highland, which is described as light and elegant. We took a closer look at the Whisky.
LIDL does not reveal which distillery is behind Ben Bracken. All we know is that we have a Whisky from the Highlands at a bargain price in our glass. The packaging is blue, which distinguishes it from the other Whiskys in the series. There is also an Islay Whisky, an Highland peated and a bottling from Speyside.
Ben Bracken Highland
Ben Bracken Highland (@whiskyedition)
Single Malt Whisky | No Age Statement | 40,00 % ABV. | 19,99 €/l | Distillery Unknown | bottled by LIDL | produced in Scotland (Highlands) | Whiskybase ID 96472


We smell glue and strong alcoholic pungency. Minimally, we can perceive caramel and sweet fruits, light malt. However, the notes are all very weak, while the alcohol is so strong that it clears the nose better than Airwaves chewing gum does.


Not at all as dramatic as we expected after that awful smell. Faint and thin, aromas of pear, apple and Elderberry slowly begin to spread. Unfortunately, the alcoholic pungency prevails here as well.


The very short finish makes us think of rotten walnuts. There is also a bit of black coffee.


What can one say? Sparse and ... . You can guess that it's supposed to be a scotch from the Highlands, but at this price, maybe you just can't expect more. Not overly awful, but just far from good. If we had to guess, we'd say someone somehow married a 4th-fill bourbon with a 6th-fill sherry cask.

Rating: 50/100 - Average (Marcel: 50 | Sascha: 50)

Value for Money: 3/5 - Acceptable

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