Private bottle sharing and samples

Whisky is for sharing and all the delicious bottles that are on our shelves will probably not be drunk again in our lifetime. Therefore, we offer some bottles/samples for sharing here on this page.
The samples are sold at cost or current value. There is no intention to make a profit.
We would much rather give you the opportunity to taste as many exciting bottlings as possible.
The alphabetical list below is updated weekly.


  • E-Mail with information about the desired samples, filling quantity and address to hello[at]thewhiskyedition[dot]com or write us a message via the contact form
  • By purchasing a sample, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old.
  • Our bottle sales are carried out as a private transaction between us and the buyer on a basis of trust. Any guarantees and/or warranties are thus excluded.

Prices and payment method

  • The prices below already include the costs for new sample bottles, labels and crackle foil (without shipping costs).
  • Depending on the fill level and purchase quantity, the Bottle can be sent along on request.
  • Payment via bank transfer or PayPal Family & Friends (not as a service!).


  • Shipment is exclusively within Germany.
  • EUR 3,00: Shipping is usually via Maxibrief with Deutsche Post. Price EUR 2,75 plus costs per box EUR 0,25 - uninsured.
  • EUR 6,00: From a value of EUR 50 or more than 1kg of goods will be shipped as DHL Paket 2kg. Price EUR 5,50 plus costs per carton EUR 0,50 - insured.

Open Bottles (alphabetical order)

4cl: EUR 5,03
Rich, Dried Fruits

4cl: EUR 2,55
Delicate, Juicy, Oak, Vanilla

4cl: EUR 2,75
Mellow, Sweet Fruity

4cl: EUR 3,89
Rich, Dried Fruits

4cl: EUR 4,74
Mellow, Sweet Fruity

4cl: EUR 5,94
Rich, Dried Fruits

4cl: EUR 2,34
Floral, Nutty, Hay Like

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